Commission Information

Hello, everybody! 03RIN here! I'll be opening up commissions officially! It has been a long awhile since I have last opened, especially on here. I'll be needing extra money for textbooks and food for school. Please, take a look around!UPDATE: 9:11AM; 2/21/23
Commissions are closed until further notice! Working them at the moment!
Will be raising prices because it's getting harder to draw nowadays... ;-;

Painting Poster (COMING SOON)

250USD | solo/couple commission (1-2 characters) + full bg
11" x 17" (3100px x 5100px) | fullbody, thigh up, waist up, bust up
extra character +10USD


Painting Illustration

150USD | solo/couple commission (1-2 characters) + full bg
7" x 5" (3500px x 2500px) | fullbody or thigh up
extra character +10USD

Painting Portrait

100USD | solo/couple commission (1-2 characters) + full bg
6" x 6" (2100px x 2100px) | bust up
extra character +10USD

Painting Chibi

30-50USD | solo/couple commission (1-2 characters)
canvas size may vary | transparent background in PNG file
extra character +10USD

Chibi Heartbox YCH

50USD | couple commission (2 characters)
size may vary | full bodyish
background details: +5USD

Valentine Date YCH (COMING SOON)

60USD | couple commission (2 characters)
6" x 4" (3000px x 2000px) | waist up